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An Overbite of Stars
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on planet SLUGGASMOX, we exist angrily to worship a RADIOSHOW, named: --

A Bite of Stars, a Slug of Time, and Thou
= 1xnew eight-week series (ResonanceFM 104.4, Tuesdays, 10-11pm, 1st series 1 April – 20 May), delving deep into the science fiction short stories of SF's Golden and Silver Ages. The pulp and avant-garde writing of c.1935-65 has fallen out of public memory; hosts ELISHA SESSIONS and MARK SINKER and their astounding guests (fans, experts, creators, backroom boffins, visitors, space-lollards and other elder beings overground AND underground, squamous AND unnameable) will return to this forgotten motherlode, once bedrock of the entire field. Eli will read evocative extracts, then quiz Mark and guest on authors, styles, subtexts sexual and political, technique, value, impact and legacy, plus changing fashions and meanings in backdrop, tech and alien allure -- and anything else that pops into their pulsating crystalline brain-lobes...

So we will announce the story in advance, and you can read it if you like:

Episode one:
Extracts from John W. Campbell's 1938 classic novella WHO GOES THERE?

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